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Welcome to Love Yourself Sacred!

If you have found your way to my website then you are indeed ready to take the next step to expand your understanding and awareness of who and what you are. It’s no accident that you are reading these words at this very time in your life. You have been guided here by synchronicity, intuition, angels or your higher self because you are ready to live a more meaningful and purpose driven life. It is time to wake up and remember who you are and why you are here.

Before you can do that, it is necessary for you to release the thought patterns and belief systems that have been keeping you stuck in unhealthy emotional and behavioral habits that no longer serve you.

Are you yearning to be released from the pain and suffering you have been experiencing? Are your days and nights filled with blame, shame, guilt or anxiety regardless of you trying to maintain a positive outlook on life?

Do you feel unworthy at the deepest level of your core being, no matter how hard you try to be a good person and do the right thing? Until you work with the energetic programming in your energy field that undermines you and keeps you from living the life of your dreams, no amount of “good intention” is going to able to effect real and lasting change in your life. Reading books, and attending workshops can have temporary benefits for positive improvement in your life, but the underlying energy creating the unhappiness, self worth, abundance or relationship issues is still there, ready to resurface its ugly head in a moments notice.

I have studied and researched healing modalities for the better part of my life. My purpose is to help you and others to finally learn a different way of being, by releasing the dysfunctional programming and energetically upgrading and aligning the energy matrixes in your field.

Most of us unconsciously sabotage ourselves with habits and thought patterns that have been ingrained in us for years and or even since childbirth. I can help you to identify what your core issues are and offer you specific techniques to replace the habits and patterns that are holding you back.

I was fortunate in that I was adopted. At three years old, my mother began taking me to classes at Unity Church. I was taught that “thoughts are things” as a young child and to “mind my thoughts”. I was taught that we create our own reality, we are the center of our own Universe and God was good and we are extensions of God and that we are good as well. This philosophy has served me well in this lifetime, however as I continue in my quest for understanding, I am learning that there is oh so much more to the story.

My sojourn of searching for healing modalities began in earnest in my late twenties. I came across a healing modality called Bio Magnetic Touch from a man named Paul Bucky who had just moved to Tucson from Hawaii. He had been exposed to this healing modality and it changed his life. It’s a simple technique anyone can utilize touching specific points on the body. I used this on my children when they were young and throughout their teenage years alleviating headaches, menstral cramps, back pain and other ailments. I have always inherently known that we have the ability to heal and rejuvenate ourselves. There are a myriad of energy healing techniques available on the planet today that can benefit and heal. I am personally trained in Bio Magnetic Touch, Rising Star, Quantum Touch, Universal White Time Healing and most recently Lightwave. As my healing abilities have progressed, I now primarily use the latter two methods in my healing sessions.

I began teaching children mindfulness and meditation at Unity Church when I was nineteen years old and continued to teach various children’s age groups there for over twenty two years. I love working with children of all ages and help them to open their minds and see the world as well as themselves from a different prospective. When my children were young, I would put them to bed every night by scratching their backs, and then lead them through a guided meditation that would allow them to drift off calmly, into a nice sleep while giving them the suggestion that they would wake up feeling rested, happy and rejuvenated.

I have taught small classes for adult meditation in my home for twenty years and have developed some great meditations for rejuvenation, regeneration and overall well being. I share some of these on my healing page.

I have studied the use of energy techniques for visualization, manifestation and clearing of both personal energy fields and physical space for many years as well. I currently am a partner in a successful business that I started over fourteen years ago incorporating many of the energetic techniques that I have learned to help my business and me be as successful as possible.

The healing ability on the planet is now ready for a quantum leap in consciousness. Rather than simply sending the client healing energy, we can call forth the energy matrix behind the issue and see where it is corrupted or damaged, repair or replace it and then align and upgrade it to it’s optimum performance.

This is using the intelligence of the quantum field of the body’s matrix. This is where cutting edge healing technology allows for science and spirituality to blend together to effect wholeness and well-being.

Simply running energy does make the person feel good but doesn’t correct the core issues that are causing the problems. It’s like the person who takes anxiety medicine and gets relief from their symptoms and they feel better temporarily but the medicine doesn’t address the core issues causing the anxiety in the first place.

Please visit my healing page to find out more about the specific types of healing that I offer and some of the tools of transformation that I utilize. Sign up for my newsletter and receive a free healing meditation mp3 download!

In Love and Light,

CJ Walker