Lightwave Energy Healing

I am very excited to have been trained in a new, cutting edge healing modality called Lightwave.  This energy healing modality quickly and easily upgrades the physical, mental  and emotional bodies through direct interaction/infusion with the Higher Self and energy blueprint of each individual.

The sessions begin with chakra balancing, then body elemental balancing – earth, water, air, fire and starlight -cosmic ether elemental..then Lightwave Akashic Record Blueprinting, this targets specific areas within your internal blueprint. It reveals exactly where your most challenging issues are located within the body matrix. An individual may be dealing with recurring problems or they may just need a boost of energy in a particular area, such as manifestation powers, creative flow or psychic abilities. Whatever the case, Akashic Blueprinting process allows me to open up windows in the consciousness and work multidimensionally to clear, strengthen, empower and enlighten. I will call forth the specific matrix, reset the energy and give frequency infusions to clear the issue and strengthen the matrix.

Core issues influence our thoughts, emotions and behavior and can distort our perceptions in the world. A core issue can follow an individual through many lifetimes gaining momentum and power and can influence/imbalance the mental, emotional spiritual and physical aspects of an individual.

Core issues can show up as abandonment, anger, need for approval, self loathing, arrogance, control, entitlement, manipulation, fear of failure, guilt, inferiority, codependence,  poverty consciousness, safety or trust issues, unworthiness, relationship issues, fear of change, death, disappointment, intimacy, commitment, rejection, taking risks or fear of the unknown or fear of being alone.

The goal of each soul is to create balance and harmony within, clearing limitations/core issues and refining all lower aspects of the personality as well as upgrading the consciousness on all levels. The Akashic Blueprinting process works to directly target the origin of these core issues and helps you to understand and clear them.

Core issues may take 2 to 3 sessions to clear since they are so ingrained. Only about 50%  of people are able to clear them permanently in the first session.

After the clearing is completed, I will work with your Higher Self and receive guidance as to which additional energies are appropriate to infuse into your energy field. Using this energy technique, virtually any type of energy can be infused. This is always only beneficial and never harmful! Your body’s matrix will only accept the energies it knows will be beneficial to you. Any other frequency will simply not be able to penetrate your matrix.

Everything is energy. Nothing is solid at the subatomic level. It just makes sense then that we now have the energy technology to infuse our matrix with virtually anything we choose that will help to balance and support our energy field. Most of us are not balanced and in fact live our lives running on empty, stressed out, overworked or dealing with health issues or imbalances brought on by poor nutrition, lack of exercise, or drug or alcohol use.

Lightwave  technology allows me to infuse a variety of energies. Essential oils, Metal Frequencies, Plants and Herbs, Crystal and Gem Stone Frequencies, Animal, Bird, Fish and Insect frequencies, Archangels and Angel Frequencies, Elohim and Ascended Master Frequencies, Vitamins, Supplements, Food,  Sacred Sites or structures such as the Great Pyramid, Machu Picchu, Sacred Geometry; Mystical Frequencies such as Camelot, Tree of Life, Crystal Skulls;  Planets,  and Seven Ray Frequencies, Colors, Elements, States of Being,Virtues, Nature, and Musical Instruments are all possible to infuse. Even the energy of  mythological characters such as Unicorns, Leprechans, Elves, and Fairies.

Below are examples of energy infusions depending upon the issue.

Poverty Consciousness – Infuse Manifestation, prosperity, money, generosity, wealth, good fortune, green, frog, gratitude, trust, self worth, jade, creativity, essential oil of amber, renewal, transformation, rebirth, fertility, Midas touch, Ganesha, Archangel Gabriel, gold, Lakshmi, 7th Ray

Desiring Life Partner – Infuse connection, friendship, clear communication, honesty, commitment, heart connection, trust, pink tourmaline, self love, healing, rose quartz, romance, rabbit, St. John’s Wort, Hathor, Archangel Chamuel, Venus, silver, beauty, appreciation, love birds, 3rd Ray

Self Worth – Infuse Peacock, butterfly, chamomile ,rose quartz, obsidian, jasper, Archangel Michael, Holy Amethyst, Jesus Christ, essential oil of bergamot, cinnamon bark and ginger, 1st Ray

Fearfulness- There are many types of fear that we hold in our energy fields -Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of not having enough, fear of disease, illness, fear of abandonment, fear of success, fear of intimacy, fear of public speaking, fear of spiders or animals, fear of heights, fear of flying, fear of enclosed places, fear of never being good enough, thin enough, attractive enough, fear of dying, etc

Infuse Self Worth, Self Love, Courage, Determination, Bravery, Hope, Sunshine,Tiger, Horse, Bluebird, Azurite, Blue Topaz, Kyanite, Basil, Ginseng,Thyme, Archangel Gabriel, Copper, Pei Lei, Isis, Yellow, Red, Second Ray, Cypress, Hops, Jasmine, Kuthumi

Lightwave Healing sessions can be done in person or remotely. A  30 minute session is $75.00 If you want to extend the session to one hour to allow for 40 minutes of healing and 20 minutes spiritual counseling, the cost is $150.00  The feedback and messages I get for you can be very beneficial for you.

I am here to assist you with your spiritual evolution. May you continue your journey with the highest level of grace and ease available to you.


CJ Walker