cjw_energy_healingEnergy Healing

Energy healing is vital for the balance and well being of your body’s life force. When we are out of balance, disharmony sets in. We can be out of balance in a variety of ways. Stress is a major factor, as are financial issues, relationship issues, poor self esteem, anxiety, anger, grief, loss, abandonment, physical and emotional abuse, poor nutrition, drug and alcohol dependency and acute and chronic illness and disease.

These factors have a severe impact not only on our physical body but also our emotional body, our mental body and our spiritual or etheric body. The body has seven major energy centers or chakras that when running properly, keep us healthy, vital, energetic and free of disharmony and dis-ease.

People ask me how often they should get an energy healing. It really all depends upon what is going on with you in the moment. If you have never had energy work, you will undoubtedly have a whole host of core issues that are “stuck” in your energy field, many surrounding self love and self worth issues. I see these as miasms or energetic “blocks” that prevent your energy from flowing into and out of your chakras properly. You may have severe emotional or physical trauma that you have been dealing with for years. It may take a few sessions to go in depth and work on specific areas of your life that you are now ready to take ownership of. You may not be responsible for what happened to you, but you are responsible for how you continue to internalize it and allow it to affect your life.

Once cleared, many people choose to continue to have healing sessions as a “well being” tune up from time to time. It just feels so good to be clear and balanced. The frequency of the healing sessions is totally up to the guidance of the individual.

I do healing sessions in person or remotely. The energy is equally effect long distance. If the session is being booked remotely, we schedule a time for it to occur. If you are in the US or in a time zone that we can connect first by phone, you give me a call at the appointed time and we connect for a few minutes. Then I have you hang up and lay down and get comfortable and I begin running the healing energy. When the time is up, you call me back and I share what was done and any messages that I may have gotten for you.


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