Universal White Time Healing

This universal energy runs into my crown chakra, down through the heart to just below the heart, back up through the heart, down through the arms and out through both my hands into the client. Advanced healers like me are also able to send the energy through other parts of our body such as our hearts, eyes and third eye.

The White Time incorporates all colors into one brilliant ray of White Light, benefiting all the healing qualities of the various colors known to mankind. UWTH obeys the Karmic Laws. If an illness has karmic origins, the healing power will be turned off by itself. The practitioner can never be affected by their client’s karma.

UWTH can be used in many ways and the healing goes into many levels of the client, even on the etheric and astral bodies. After each healing, there is a reaction within the client. This reaction can be varied depending upon the client. Some people leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, some feel like they released a lot of their “stuff” and may either feel lighter and happier or feel the need to rest. In all cases, it promotes a feeling of well being and unconditional love. Many clients see images or get impressions, some get messages from their guides or loved ones who have already made their transition.

The healing works 25-27 days in the body. The healing is targeting the area of the body where it is needed. It searches for the things that could be wrong or failing, both physical, psychological, emotional, etc. The Force in itself is intelligent and can change itself and adapt to situations during the time when it is working in the body. The practitioner can never ever hurt  or do anything wrong. Universal White Time always corrects itself.

The client and the healer are connected mentally together when the healing starts. The brain waves harmonize with each other in the first 30 minutes of the healing. This is when the majority of the healing occurs. The brain waves of the healer and the client are in harmony with each other and all of the brain waves – alpha, beta, theta, and delta – are acting together with 90% in both healer and client.

UWTH is also very effective for healing at a distance. The energy works equally well in person or across the world. Time and space make no difference! I have worked with people from Amsterdam to London to Russia and all across the USA. This healing is done in the now, where all time and space exists.

It is with great humility and appreciation that I offer you this highly advanced, energy healing modality of light and love.


CJ Walker