Welcome to my new blog, Love Yourself Sacred!

Welcome to my new blog, Love Yourself Sacred! Loving yourself is a concept that is foreign to most of us. Yet, everywhere we turn, someone or something is telling us that all we need to do is to be happy and healthy and just to love ourselves. All that you need to do is to love yourself. I believe the majority of the people on the planet do not know how to do this. Self-worth and self-love elude us.

I recently wrote a book of the same title because I believe we are at a critical point for humanity in the state of our consciousness as a society. I am also an energy healer and have been doing sessions on people for the past seven years now. In the sessions that I have facilitated, I have noticed a common theme. People are suffering from severe lack of self-worth and self-esteem issues.

This can manifest in numerous ways, toxic and disempowering relationships, addictions, victimization, fear, anxiety issues, poor health, financial struggles, bad luck, drama, ability to maintain a job or advance in a career and a whole host of other, less than desirable situations.

Many of the folks I have had sessions with are really wonderful, loving, caring people – just not to themselves. Why is it that we can find it within ourselves to be kind and compassionate to others but can’t seem to apply that same standard to ourselves? The underlying feeling of just not being good enough or deserving enough eats away at a lot of people.

For some, this innate sense of not being good enough stems from childhood. Some of us grew up in abusive environments, experienced school bullying or other traumatic events. For some, our religion teaches us that we are forever unworthy and our families reinforce this to us. The negative memories and programming can stay with us even after years of counseling and dozens of self-help books.

Sometimes even one harsh word or embarrassing memory stays with us and disempowers us for life as we play it over and over again in our minds, reliving the pain, blame or shame our entire life.

Very few adults make it to maturity without some form of emotional wounding. Some of us put on a pretty good show and appear to the world as successful, accomplished, got it all together people while on the inside, we will forever be the stupid, ugly, dumb, underachieving, unattractive, fat, too skinny, too short, too tall, unimportant child, sister, brother, mother, father, incompetent excuse for a human being, unless we change how we think about ourselves and about life. To be continued….